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[ July 20, 2000 ]



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[ July 17, 2000 ]



Spring 2000 Ladder Winners Announced



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[ July 12, 2000 ]



Tactics forum down

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    News For Thursday July 20, 2000
    Community News - Gibb @ 11:20 EST
    Bear with me, some of this is a few days old.

    • Nottingham Systems has released version 2.0 of the Age of Empires TC. This version converts all Terran and Protoss units to AoE units. You can download it here.
    • has released a news TC called "Fragging Season." It is designed to be like an FPS, with sniping points, handguns, alien guns, etc. Download it here.
    • A new site has opened, called International Clan News. They report on clan happenings around the world, kinda like TV news. It looks pretty well designed and informative. Check it out here.
    It's obvious that the news has slacked greatly here at, but we will be starting to post news more frequently. Remember, if you have news, send it in to

    News For Monday July 17, 2000
    Spring 2000 Ladder Winners Announced - Gibb @ 19:12 EST
    Blizzard has announced the winners of the spring 2000 ladder season for Starcraft and Brood War. The Starcraft winners can be found here, and the Brood War champions here. Also, the Asian Starcraft winners can be found here, and the Asian Brood War winners here. Congratulations to all the winners.

    With the ending of the spring season, the beginning of another comes. The champions of this coming season will recieve a trophy and a copy of the appropriate game signed by the developers. Now go play! :)

    New Poll! - Gibb @ 11:31 EST
    Well, after a few weeks with our current poll, I've decided to put up a new one, another submission from the poll contest a few weeks back. Here's the results from the old poll:

    What is your position on "infinite money" maps?
    They rock! They're all I play! 194 21.18%
    Blah. The very best ones are okay for a change of pace. 224 24.45%
    They suck! They're only for newbies that can't play the beautiful game of Starcraft! 281 30.68%
    Whatever. I don't play 'em, I don't complain about 'em either. 120 13.10%
    Infinite money? Where? 97 10.59%
    TOTAL 916 100.00%

    I know, it seems there were not many votes, but a few days after I put this one up the votes mysteriously disappeared. This should give you an accurate representation of the votes though. Here's the new poll, submitted by CAS-2_Latency.

    Which of the following is most likely to be placed on a surgeon's general warning for stimpacks?
    Viagra may be necessary to counteract ceratain tissue loss.
    Holding down fire button may cause cries of "IMBALANCE!" from foes.
    Medics not to be used in conjunction with stimpacks when in bunker.
    The U.E.D. actually cares about its soldiers???

    This would of won the contest the first time, but I wanted something more serious. I think this poll will be well liked :) Now go, vote! And thanks again to CAS-2_Latency for submitting the poll.

    Feedback (49 responses)

    News For Wednesday July 12, 2000
    Tactics forum down - Slev @ 14:21 EST
    What's this, an update?? :) We know about the tactics forum being down and I've asked Mutant to take a look at it so hopefully he'll get a chance to fix it here soon. In the mean time just use the general forum to post tactics. Thanks for your patience, hopefully it'll be working again soon.
    Feedback (66 responses)

    News For Friday July 07, 2000 = Dead? - Mutant @ 01:55 EST
    I just thought it was about time I kept our visitors informed of this site's status. Yes, news posting has dropped to a new low (worse than ever before in the site's history). Yes, it's been even longer since the last meaningful update to our sections (maps and our other automated stuff is still attented to at *least* once a week).

    There's a few reasons for this. I don't want to make excuses and say StarCraft is dead. It's not. It's probably on it's last legs in terms of online competitve play (with Tao one of the few things keeping this aspect of the game alive), but there's still thousands of players on playing for fun.

    These players will hopefully still find something useful on this site. There's a huge database of strategies, and while some of them might be outdated in terms of the cutting edge of SC strategy, they're still very useful for novice players, or those just wanting to try some new stuff out for fun.

    This site represents over three years (if you count the pre-merger sites) of incredible hard work, all done for virtually zero financial compensation. The flow of news and updates may have stopped, but there's still huge amounts of pre-existing content (just try to browse through the site for a bit... you can spend most of the day reading through stuff).

    We've known for quite a while (at least since I got a full-time job 2 months ago, and couldn't spend time on the site anymore) that had a shortage of staff that could put large amounts of time into news finding and section updating. But instead of worrying about a site for a game 2.5 years old, a site that had huge amounts of content already, we decided to put our energies into our newer sites - and We believe we've created two sites of equal quality as (if not better than)

    Having said all that, we don't want to neglect the site that launched our network. So, we'll endeavour to post some news, keep our semi-automated sections working, and ensure things don't grind to a halt completely. In addition, I'd really like to post some articles covering the history of Starcraft, it's players, tournaments, strategy trends and the like. It's my view that this is one of the few things Starcraft has left - memories (just ask any WarCraft II veteran about that game :) If you have any *good* suggestions for this history send them to me and I'll see if I can compile something in my very limited time. I'd especially like to hear from (or get contact details of) people that were around in the early SC days.

    I know this post will get flamed (as all our posts do at the moment). Everyone seems very eager to point out how we're failing - maybe because we've been so sucessful up until now. Well, go ahead an flame if you feel the urge to. Although we love reading positive user comments (and even constructive criticism), it's not other people's opinions of our site that matter to us. It's our knowledge of the fact that we're doing the best job we can possibly do under the circumstances. Looking back at the hours upon hours of hard work we've put into this site, there's no way we can feel ashamed about it, just because of the recent lapse.

    Anyway, I've gone on long enough, as usual.

    Mutant out.
    Feedback (225 responses)

    Which of the following is most likely to be placed on a surgeon general's warning for stimpacks?
    Viagra may be neccesary to couner-act certain tissue loss.
    Holding down fire button may cause cries of "IMBALANCE!" from foes.
    Medics not to be used in conjunction with stimpacks when in bunker.
    The U.E.D. actually cares about its soldiers???

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